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Workshops & Webinars

For Students, Parents, Teachers, Athletes & Coaches


  • Managing anger and letting go of it

  • Beyond bullying – the complexities of bullying

  • The lion & the tamer: how to effectively manage emotions

  • Responsible online behavior and cyber presence

  • Building self-esteem and confidence

  • Study skills and effective time management

  • Values & Ethics

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  • Introduction and application of sport psychology

  • Mental toughness and personal resilience

  • Goal setting and motivation

  • Effectively managing emotions on and off the field

  • Pre, during and post competition Routines

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  • Effectively managing children’s behavior and emotions

  • Parent/Teacher/Coach wellness sessions

  • Time management and study skills to assist children

  • Understanding stress and enhancing well-being

  • Effective communication with teens

  • Goal setting & motivation

  • Building resiliance

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  • Self care and employee wellbeing

  • Mitigating risk of burnout

  • Mental health and high performers

  • Effective communication

  • Team building

  • Motivation & peak performance

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